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1. Administrative Questions

1.1 Relation to TU Delft
1.2 What is your student ID?
Required if your are a student or exchange student.
1.3 Do you have a subscription at X?
On top of signing up for Force Elektro, you will also need to get an X-subscription to be a member of a sports association.
You can get a 12-month subscription by asking at the X front desk or online.
If you are an exchange student, your X-membership only needs to be valid for the time you will be at the club.
Yes, I have an X subscription.
Please enter your X customer ID. It's a seven-digit number starting with "18" and can be found on your receipt or by logging into to the X website.
If you do not have an X subscription yet, please email when you get one. Include your X subscription number and proof of purchase in your email.
1.4 Are you member of another Dutch Ultimate association? If so, please enter it below.

2. Automatic Membership Termination

This section is only relevant for exchange students
You may only terminate your membership with Force Elektro on one of the end dates: 30th June or 31st December. Forgetting to terminate your membership will result in you continuing to be charged a membership fee.
If you already know when your exchange period will end, you may request we automatically terminate your membership on the nearest end date after your departure.
By filling in the date below you authorise Force Elektro to terminate your membership without further notification on the first day starting from the 'end date' on which this is possible according to the articles of association.
My exchange period lasts until (dd-mm-yyyy)

3. Direct Debit Mandate

With Direct Debit, we can send invoices to take money from your bank account in the future so you don't have to worry about forgetting to pay us and owing us money. You will receive a 2 week notice when we're planning to do so.
I want to be invoiced via direct debit
Please note that if you choose direct debit you should fill your IBAN in the beginning of the form.
3.1 Direct Debit Questions
If you have checked the box above please fill all these questions, if not continue in section 4.
3.1.1 Direct debit address
Is your bank account registered on the same address as my home address ? Home address refers to the address you submitted earlier
If your answer is yes please continue in section 3.1.2 , if not please fill the information below.
Zip Code
3.1.2 BIC number

4. Regulations

Upon sigining, the person above agrees to the following:
The aforementioned person becomes a member of Force Elektro, until they indicate to the secretary that they would like to end their membership.
The provided information can and will be, partially or completely, made available to the members of the club, X TU Delft and the Dutch Frisbee Association (NFB).
A copy of the club articles can be obtained from the secretary or viewed here.
Members of the association are obliged:
1. To live up to the statutes, rules and decisions of the bodies of association
2. To live up to the statutes, rules and decisions of the bodies of the NFB
3. To live up to the statutes, rules and decisions of the bodies of the World Flying Disc Federation
4. Not to damage the interests of the association
5. To accept and fulfil all other obligations that the association enters into on behalf of or for the benefit of the members, or that arise from membership to the association.
1. The membership of the association ends through death, cancellation or expulsion
2. The member can terminate their membership before the 30th of June and before the 31st of December of each calendar year.
A member can terminate their membership with immediate effect within a month after:
a. They have been informed of a decision to convert the association into another legal form or to merge or split the association
b. A decision has been made know to them or has been communicated to them that their rights are limited or his obligations have been aggravated, in which case the decision will not apply to them due to their cancellation
3. The membership cannot be terminated with immediate effect when it concerns an obligation in the financial sense
4. In other cases a member may also terminate the membership with immediate effect by cancelling it. If it cannot reasonably be expected to continue the membership.
You can find our privacy statement on the website
*I agree that Force Elektro may use pictures, videos and/or recordings of me for promotional purposes.
*I have read and understood my rights and obligations.

5. Payment

To confirm your registration, you will be invoiced €50.00 to Force Elektro. This includes:
1. Force Elektro contribution-€35.00
2. Nederlandse Frisbee Bond (NFB- the Dutch Frisbee Association) contribution-€15.00*
The NFB contribution is collected by Force Elektro and forwarded to the NFB on your behalf.
*If you are 17 years old or younger your NFB contribution is only €10.00, making your total €45.00 .
If you have any questions regarding the membership fee, please contact
*I agree to pay the membership fee when invoiced

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You can join our WhatsApp group chat via this link, it is very handy and an easy way to contact the club.
Also join our WhatsApp announcements chat where we keep the club updated about events happening in Force Elektro via this link.
After hitting "Submit" below, you will receive an email with a sign up pdf that has all your information filled in. Please sign it and email it along with the proof of X subscription.
You won't be officially signed up until we receive the signed document and proof of payment for your X subscription.
If you do not receive a confirmation email, please notify